Sale of Home in Community of Secord

I found working with Rob to be a positive experience. I choose Rob for several reasons: 1. because he was local to my area so he knew the neighborhood, 2. he gave an honest appraisal of our home and 3. he gave me the confidence I was working with a professional. Rob delivered on what he said. The professionals he had to take pictures and video were topnotch.

The most important thing about my dealings with Rob is he listened to what we wanted to happen with this transaction which was quick sale, no hassles and the right price. We took his advice on marketing the home and the value of pricing it right. We followed his advice and we sold the house in one day.

I would highly recommend Rob and already have to my co-workers.


-Tim Desrochers

Sale of Home

When we decided to sell our house, we chose a realtor based on the fact that he is from the area. This of course brought Rob to mind, as we had seen his advertisements (and for sale signs) in the area. At this point we discovered Rob’s commitment to selling our property was well above our expectations. Rob’s attention to detail (hiring a professional photographer, a professional measurer and having someone author the description of the house) were things that we had never experienced in the real estate industry – and we have sold numerous homes! And then, as the season changed he suggested to update the photography for the ad – this was not required as the house sold before we needed to do this. Rob was always easy to reach, easy to talk to, and willing to help in any way. He made us feel instantly comfortable in his skill level…..we knew we were being well looked after….and we really appreciated it! We would highly recommend the Rob Smashnuk team to anyone wanting a GOOD realtor.

-Bernie & Kathy Schroeder

Sale of Home

Rob sets high standards for achievement. His style is professional, committed, and friendly.

Rob made himself available to us at all times -- he was quick to respond to even our slightest concern!

We would work with Rob again in a heartbeat! We were completed satisfied with his service to us as our realtor and would definitely recommend him to our family and friends.

-Ross & Carolyn Semeniuk

Sale & Purchase of Home

My husband and I decided we wanted to put our duplex on the market because we wanted to upgrade to a larger home. But we had no previous experience in selling a home before. We could not decide which realtor to deal with and found that Rob recently sold a duplex in our area which caught our eye. We arranged a meeting together and he provided some great information we did not even think about and was able to answer our questions. He provided great insights on how the home should be showcased in order to get more viewings. He is always punctual, reliant, and efficient in his work and what we really appreciate is that he is always communicating with us to let us know what is going on. My husband and I have an irregular work schedule and he has been very accommodating to arrange meetings. All and all we are very satisfied in the service Rob provided us, and with our duplex now sold we are in the works of getting our new home with Rob. If we happen to want to sell and upgrade again we would love for Rob to be a part of the biggest purchase of our lives all over again. We would absolutely recommend him to anyone who is reading this and to all our friends and family; the standard of service and the experience he offers is highly reputable and we would recommend him absolutely.

-Vincent Wong & Anna Woo

Purchase of New Home with a Builder

My husband and I are very grateful we had Rob as our realtor. He was recommended by our brokerage and it is obvious why! What impressed us the most was that he was so personable, knowledgeable, and available. Whether it was in person, on the phone or through e-mail, Rob was always so prompt in answering our questions; he made us feel like we were important. He listened attentively to all our concerns and was truly interested in helping us find the best home for our family.  

Once we did find the home we fell in love with, Rob went above and beyond our expectations to make our transition to our new house as easy as possible. Because we bought a new home, there were things with the house that still needed to be fixed and finished. It was so helpful to have him present when we discussed these issues with the builder, he was a strong advocate for us to make sure these inadequacies were properly taken care of. No small concern I had went unaddressed by Rob and for that I am very thankful. 

There is no doubt who we will contact in the future when we decide to move again. We have already started recommending Rob to our friends and family and will continue to do so. This has been by far the most positive experience we have had in searching and finding a new home and it is all because of Rob. Thank you for all your hard work Rob!

-Carter and Amanda Kearl

First Time Home Buyers

We came to Rob Smashnuk on the recommendation of a realtor we knew in Calgary. We asked her who she trusted in the Edmonton area to help us on our search for a house, and she gave us Rob’s info without hesitation. From our first contact with Rob it was clear that he is in this business to ensure that each of his clients get the house they want, not the house they settle for. We spent the first meeting going over our requirements, our likes, and our dislikes. Rob immediately set up a number of viewings based on that information. It was clear from the first few houses we saw that Rob really understood our requirements and as we went, he kept refining those criteria to ensure that no-one’s time was wasted when we set up appointments. It got to the point where we were no longer looking at the MLS listings ourselves because Rob had already been through them, or had found something that wasn’t even listed yet. He has comprehensive knowledge of the Edmonton realty market and was always aware of details that we would never have known. Although he must have been juggling a number of active clients, we always knew that we had his undivided attention when out viewing and when calling him. Rob was incredibly flexible and generous with his time, scheduling appointments at the oddest hours to accommodate us. One time at 8pm we arrived home after hours of viewings and we realized that my fiancé had forgotten her purse in one of the houses we had seen half-way across the city. When we called him, Rob dropped whatever he was doing and took us back around looking for the purse, without complaint.  We found the purse and we all had a good relieved chuckle. In addition to being a great realtor, Rob is also a very entertaining person. He made our long viewing days feel like hanging out with a good friend. Our particular house hunt went on for 7 weeks and countless viewings, and Rob made the entire process feel like it flew by. Service professionals talk about having a “personal touch” when conducting business, but with Rob it’s more accurate to call it a “personal connection”. When we finally did view the house that we knew we wanted, Rob was there every step to negotiate a tricky closing over the Christmas Holiday season. Throughout the closing he was prepared with advice and recommendations for things we never even considered, and kept us informed on every step.  Even after his part was done, Rob maintained a steady contact with us for the rest of the purchase process with the lawyers, moving companies, and banks. We both know that we would have not found the house we’re in without Rob’s help, and we are both extremely happy here. We have been actively recommending Rob to everyone we know whether they are looking right now or not. If we ever need to move from where we are, Rob will be our first call.

-Chris Eddy & Nicola Hulbert

First Time Home Buyers

Rob was referred to us by our broker. My husband and I had never had to deal with the real estate world, and were very new to everything. Rob was aware of this, and was very laid back. He made us feel very comfortable throughout the entire process. He also included our son in on the process, which isn't easy when he's only 2. But he was very patient when we had to bring him along to look at houses. Rob's very family oriented, which was a huge plus for us.

Rob was very honest, and tried to put himself in our shoes. He wouldn't hesitate to tell us that he didn't feel that a certain home wasn't what he thought we were looking for.

His initial call was very important to us. We were nervous about the process and his phone call put us at ease and set the tone. For first time home buyers, I think this was very important. He taught us about the process as we went along, so the next time we decide to buy a home we know what to expect. We found Rob to be Laid back, personalized, patient.

Rob was pretty easy to get a hold of. He often had to take calls while we were out looking at houses, but we understood that. We realized we weren't his only clients.

I think we will be in our home for awhile, but should we ever need to look for a new home we would definitely use Rob again. And we would also recommend Rob to our friends and family.

-Jeff & Natasha Webster

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